As a dynamically evolving company in the handmade, innovative dough products industry, Artoma is present at major trade shows worldwide. 

With years of experience and commercial activity, Artoma continually expands its network of partners and through trade shows, we offer the opportunity for everyone interested to experience up close how our modern and technologically advanced industrial unit operates. Discover our innovative products and communicate directly and personally with us. From major trade shows in Greece to top international commercial events, our company always maintains an active presence.

Artoma participates in trade shows

Through major trade shows, one can get to know Artoma and its vision up close. Offering comprehensive professional solutions to businesses in the bakery, food service, supermarkets, as well as wholesale food and beverage sectors, Artoma couldn't miss out on these major commercial encounters. Additionally, as a company investing in innovation and new technologies, Artoma always leverages every available channel of communication and networking to expand its range of activities and engage with new partners who can help further its expansion.

Which major trade shows Artoma participates in:

Anuga FoodTec & Sial

Anuga FoodTec is considered one of the largest and most significant food and beverage trade shows in the world. It's a five-day trade fair held in Cologne, attracting thousands of visitors from dozens of countries every year. Artoma dynamically presents its innovative products, authentic dough artistry, and all the new applications it introduces to the food chain sector. 

In addition, Artoma will be present in Paris next autumn at SIAL, the largest exhibition for 2024, a show with a strong element of innovation. SIAL is a landmark for the trends that will influence the food sector. 

Through such international trade encounters, the vision and philosophy of Artoma travel worldwide.


The HORECA exhibition is undoubtedly considered the top exhibition in Greece, attracting the attention of the commercial world. With hundreds of exhibitors, thousands of visitors, highly interesting workshops, impressive cooking shows, coffee and cocktail championships, HORECA is the ideal meeting point for professionals to form new commercial agreements and partnerships and network. Artoma presents its Pinsa, a product with great potential gaining ground, and forges new collaborations. Businesspeople from all over Greece and various parts of the world thus have the opportunity to gain a more comprehensive view of Artoma's products and discover how they can benefit from them.


FOOD EXPO has a reputation that extends far beyond Greek borders, making it one of the most important trade events for the food and beverage sectors in Southeastern Europe. It's a truly large international exhibition, offering Greek businesses the opportunity to network and expand their export footprint. Artoma naturally participates in FOOD EXPO, engaging with all the major and powerful players in the global food market. Offering comprehensive solutions for bakeries, ovens, pastry shops, and professionals in the catering sector, Artoma couldn't miss out on such an important trade event.

Look for the Artoma booth at all major trade shows in the food and beverage sectors, and come meet us in person to discover our innovative products.

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