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Food Service

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Wholesale companies

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Food Services

The catering industry is wide with many small and large companies! We have been active in this field since 1979 and we continue to offer our services daily with our own transport fleet!

We are in position to cover every need of supplies for your company!

Solutions for bakeries and pastry shops

Artoma is the new nutritional, digestible, crunchy proposal for bakeries! You can easily offer value-added products that add uniqueness to your brand and enhance the concept of healthy eating habits.


As we collaborate with large supermarket chains, we have all the knowledge and experience that are needed for this kind of service.

We are capable of responding in any consumer's high demands. Our business relationships are constantly evolving with new partnerships and we are keep on growing in the market!

Certified success is our only response!

Wholesale Companies

Our products are capable of serving all the companies that operate in the wholesale market of food & beverages by  strengthening your product range and meeting your business expectations and demands. Their recognizability and their differentiation are the key to our successful business relationships!

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