If you're seeking the alter ego of Pinsa Romana, then the luscious Panino is precisely what you're looking for. Fluffy, crispy, flavorful, and original, Panino steps in to cater even to the most demanding of taste buds. Representing the latest offering from Artoma, they embody innovation and pioneering spirit!

What is Panino?

Panino presents a tantalizing new proposal, replacing traditional bread rolls with an exceptional, nutritious, and healthy dough that serves as a canvas for crafting unique cold or hot sandwiches, burgers, and many other delicious options.

Artoma employs special flour of exceptional quality for Panino, but the true 'secret recipe' lies in the love and passion for creating unique flavor combinations. Crispy on the outside yet incredibly fluffy and soft inside, they're an ideal choice for sandwiches and burgers.

Among other qualities, Panino stands out for its intensely aromatic profile, tempting you to savor every bite. This is due to the ripening time and the use of yeast. Yeast gives high digestibility by helping the swelling process. They are highly palatable and nutritious, boasting fewer carbohydrates, fats, and salts.

Panino Ton-do & Smile: Their Characteristics

Artoma's Panino comes in two major categories, distinguished by its shape.

Panino Ton-do: Available in two sizes, 100 and 130 grams. The former can be used for burgers or as a side bread roll in meals, while the latter is perfect for delicious club sandwiches. The beauty of Panino Ton-do lies in their practicality; being round-shaped, they're exceptionally fluffy and allow you to fill them with your favorite ingredients, creating unique, flavorful combinations.

Panino Smile: Also available in two sizes, 120 and 160 grams. With Panino Smile, your sandwiches will never be the same again! Crafted in a 'smile' shape, from which they derive their name, they can help you create impressive – yet delicious – playful/smiling sandwiches. Crispy and incredibly fluffy, you can naturally add your preferred ingredients to elevate the flavor. Don't forget to cook the Panino Club Sandwich recipe we've inspired for you!

Why Choose Them?

Panino offers an easy and highly efficient way to create cold or hot sandwiches, burgers, or club sandwiches quickly and simply. Their distinctive flavor profile, while they form a healthier alternative to traditional bread rolls, makes them highly palatable.

They're characterized by resilience, and intense aromas, and are a super-organic, gourmet product that should be part of your diet. They are much easier to digest due to the different hydration of the dough, which gives it a place among the protagonists of GOURMET products!

The slow natural maturation process, the sourdough, the exceptionally virgin olive oil, and the unique Panino Romano flour are what make the difference in the final result. Panino preserves their taste and freshness intact, satisfying even the most demanding palates.

At Artoma, you'll find Panino Ton-do and Panino Smile, allowing you to choose according to your preferences, along with detailed baking instructions to elevate their flavor and aroma! Incorporate Panino into your diet and discover a new culinary experience for your favorite sandwiches or burgers!

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