As pizza specialists since 1979, we are proud to present οur innovative creation of the authentic and unique dough of Pinsa Romana! A dough, having its roots from an ancient recipe, had been used by rural populations who lived outside the walls of ancient Rome.

Oval or round, light, crusty as well as fluffy, eirher traditional or modern... Pinsa Romana will delight you with its thrilling taste, characteristics and peculiarities!

The pure natural taste and freshness of the product are due to the raw materials, especially the extra virgin olive oil and the absence of preservatives or additives.

What makes us special?


Pinsa is made from a special flour, prepared from three ingredients & yeast. That flour comes from a "Secret recipe".


Due to its crunchy crust surface, pinsa is brittle but at the same time soft on the inside. The water used for the dough is always cold.


Τhe different hydration of the pinsa dough makes it much more digestible than pizza. It contains less carbohydrates, fat and salt. It is a super-organic and GOURMET product.


Its rich aroma is achieved by proper fermentation time and the use of yeast. Yeast enables high assimilation and assists in the proofing process.

  • Take the pinsa out of the freezer
  • Leave the dough for 5′ at room temperature (or bake it
  • Set the oven to 250 ° C in the conventional heating mode
    or 220 ° C in fan mode.
  • Preheat oven for about 5 min prior to baking (depending on
    the power of your oven).
  • Add the toppings of your choice (toppings can alternatively
    be added as soon as Pinsa is baked)
  • Bake on stone or oven rack
  • When edges are golden brown, pinsa is ready.

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