Artoma is a dynamic and rapidly growing company specializing in the production of handmade, innovative dough products. Since 1979, Artoma has been offering comprehensive professional solutions to help businesses take the next step forward. Based in the Kilkis Industrial Area, Artoma operates a modern and technologically advanced manufacturing facility dedicated to producing alternative dough products. With extensive experience and expertise, Artoma provides tailored solutions across various sectors, including food service, bakeries, supermarkets, and wholesale enterprises.


Food Service


The food service industry is vast, encompassing numerous small and large enterprises. Artoma has been a significant player in this sector since 1979, serving clients daily with its own fleet of vehicles. With years of experience and professional readiness, Artoma meets the immediate needs of its clients by offering high-quality products that stand out for their authentic taste and originality. Inspired by traditional international recipes and enriched with pure local ingredients like premium extra virgin olive oil, Artoma's doughs are a testament to their commitment to excellence.

Artoma's philosophy revolves around a smart combination of exceptional raw materials and handmade preparation methods. This approach ensures that their products are distinguished by both quality and flavor. Whether catering to small cafes or large restaurants, Artoma is ready to provide the solutions needed to help businesses excel in a competitive market.


Solutions for Bakeries and Pastry Shops


Artoma also offers a new dietary, easy-to-digest, and crunchy solution for bakeries and pastry shops. Businesses that trust Artoma's products can, in turn, offer their customers nutritious, delicious, and innovative items. Understanding the needs of bakers and pastry chefs, Artoma provides products that not only meet taste expectations but also fulfill the dietary requirements of consumers.

With products such as Pinsa Romana, Panino Romano, La Familia and La Tonda, Artoma has created a range that addresses every need of bakeries and pastry shops. These products provide professionals with the opportunity to differentiate themselves and attract new customers with unique and original flavors.




Artoma has extensive experience working with major supermarket chains, equipped with the knowledge and expertise to meet the high demands of this sector. The company's commercial relationships are continually developing through new collaborations and a strong market presence. With certified success, Artoma meets the requirements of supermarkets by offering products that stand out for their quality and innovation.

Artoma's products have their own identity, making them distinctive and unique, providing a compelling incentive for any business owner. Supermarket customers can find products that not only satisfy their taste buds but also add nutritional value to their daily meals. With products rooted in traditional recipes and pure ingredients, Artoma delivers solutions that satisfy even the most discerning consumers.


Wholesale Enterprises


Businesses involved in the wholesale food and beverage sector can greatly benefit from Artoma's offerings. The company provides products that can significantly enhance their product range and meet their business expectations and the contemporary market's demands. Artoma manufactures and distributes innovative and original dough products through dynamic and established brands. Within this extensive network of partners, wholesale enterprises can naturally reap numerous benefits by investing in high-demand products that stand out for their nutritional benefits.




Tourism is the driving force of the Greek economy. The hotel industry needs quick and easy kitchen solutions. Artoma provides a multitude of options, with products that are particularly easy to use, of excellent quality and of special tastes. Now add Artoma products to your hotel business catalogs and upgrade your menu.

Artoma offers professional solutions that cover a wide range of needs, from food service and bakeries to supermarkets and wholesale enterprises. With a long history dating back to 1979 and a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, Artoma continues to evolve and offer high-quality products that are distinguished by their innovation and uniqueness.

Artoma is ready to meet the demands of its clients with solutions that stand out in the market, providing products that satisfy both taste and nutritional needs. With respect for tradition and adaptability to modern requirements, Artoma continues to innovate and deliver products that make a difference.

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